Happy with my progress!

I am doing pretty great, I’m eating well and exercising and all!

I’ve lost some excess fat weight, gained some muscle weight, (a very small amount, I regret to say, but there’s time!). I’m trying to build up my upper arm strength especially, as it used to be amazing, I was so strong at one point in my life.

Another thing I have noticed recently is that I have so much energy! I’m bouncing around the house, washing loads of clothes and dishes by 7:30 am each morning, fuelled by all these seeds and beans etc I am eating!

I love cooking, so this healthy thing is just another challenge!

I’ve honestly made so much good food over the past week or so, sweet and savory. I’m pretty much vegan now, there’s been no sugar in my diet for at least a week, and the wheat I consume has been cut down to the minimum, maybe once every couple of days. I have never felt better, honestly.

Slowly but surely!

So, I am trying to get my goal of being fit and healthy up off the ground, mainly by changing my mindset initially.

I’m realising that every outing revolves around food for me. I meet friends, I go out with family, I EAT. Even if I don’t really need to! I am trying to come up with good outings/ things to do that don’t simply revolve around food.

And I have started meal planning, because what happens a lot is I get hungry, so I go into the kitchen to find myself something to eat, and wander around aimlessly, eventually eating loads of white bread or something. So there’s that.

I must confess, I have not taken up running or anything. I walk, a lot, and I do push ups and squats and stuff like that, I might start swimming? I don’t LIKE exercise, so instead of forcing myself to run, as I did in previous times I wanted to get fit, I’m going to try find exercise I like. If that fails, then yeah, I guess I’ll try running again.

I’m making sustainable changes to my diet as well, because yo-yo-ing from vegan to paleo to fuck- it- whatever diets isn’t working out for me, so I have made meal plans where I slowly phase out meat from my diet, to reduce dairy to a minimum, while introducing more nut milks/ soy products, reducing wheat and sugar consumption etc.

I suppose that being all- round healthy is going to take some time, and before, I would just give up, but hopefully, 2017 will bring patience and discipline.


I just realised that already, I am stressing.

Stressing over what tasks go to each month, and so does that mean that I have to wait until the designated month to start my assigned tasks?, but I want it to be exactly like Gretchen’s project!, etc.

Well, I guess I just won’t follow her template, I will do as I do best, blaze my own trail. This is my happiness project, my journey, so I will not be afraid to tailor it accordingly.

Maybe I won’t carry on the whole month rota, I don’t know.

The most important things to me are:

  • fitness

I want to start exercising! Not only to looke fleeking in a bikini, because yes, that is a large part of it, I would like to look better, but I know that I already look great, but because exercise is nature’s very own ssri, and without the nausea they bring!

  • health

I want to live a long and relatively untroubled life, time to get all my vital organs in peak condition!!!

  • friends

I have like 0.7 friends, I would like a couple more! I am not too worried about this one, because I am going to college and like, if I make enough of a commitment, that will all work itself out. I hope!

  • lifestyle

My life is hella boring, I am somehow always busy, but doing nothing I love. Time to change that!

  • intellegence

I’m smart, and I’d like it to stay that way/ improve. So, I’m talking IQ tests, quizzes, anything to help me bring my A game.

These are my goals, and I will keep you updated on how I go about achieving them!

Because I will. Achieve them.



I really need to be fit, healthy, lose weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my body, that’s why I want to look after it. I also don’t want maybe five years to pass me by, realise I am grossly overweight and have a whole range of health problems. No, I want working out and eating healthy to be regular practices by then.

What is it they say, it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle?

Challenge accepted.

This is what I want, so this is what I will get! I’m known for chasing my dreams, I left school, did interviews, hustled and worked my ass off, and it was a success, too. I got a job, I got into college. The obstacles were definitely there, but obstacles have never, and will never, stop me. I haven’t spent my whole life fighting just so I can do things by halves! It’s not who I am. Never was.

What’s stopping me?

What will my project be based on?

It’s been a few days,

I haven’t really thought about this happiness project much , to be honest, I was too busy trying to sort out various aspects of my life.

I guess I should start by identifying the areas of my life which I want to change in order to be happier, maybe the way I fight? It always bums me out that I start being unreasonable and overly hostile when I have arguments, maybe that will be March’s objective, to change that.

I want to exercise more and eat better, I feel shit all the time and honestly, I need to lose weight, even if only a small bit. I want to be TONED, I have the fitness level of a potato. I’d love to be sorta muscly and eat great food and drink loads of water, so I guess I should get cracking on that one.

Eh what else? I’ve already decluttered and maintained a level of cleanliness in my room, so that’s fine.

I think that making more friends/ creating a better life for myself is top of my list actually, I am so dissatisfied with the way things are right now.

I’ll think about it, I guess!