I just realised that already, I am stressing.

Stressing over what tasks go to each month, and so does that mean that I have to wait until the designated month to start my assigned tasks?, but I want it to be exactly like Gretchen’s project!, etc.

Well, I guess I just won’t follow her template, I will do as I do best, blaze my own trail. This is my happiness project, my journey, so I will not be afraid to tailor it accordingly.

Maybe I won’t carry on the whole month rota, I don’t know.

The most important things to me are:

  • fitness

I want to start exercising! Not only to looke fleeking in a bikini, because yes, that is a large part of it, I would like to look better, but I know that I already look great, but because exercise is nature’s very own ssri, and without the nausea they bring!

  • health

I want to live a long and relatively untroubled life, time to get all my vital organs in peak condition!!!

  • friends

I have like 0.7 friends, I would like a couple more! I am not too worried about this one, because I am going to college and like, if I make enough of a commitment, that will all work itself out. I hope!

  • lifestyle

My life is hella boring, I am somehow always busy, but doing nothing I love. Time to change that!

  • intellegence

I’m smart, and I’d like it to stay that way/ improve. So, I’m talking IQ tests, quizzes, anything to help me bring my A game.

These are my goals, and I will keep you updated on how I go about achieving them!

Because I will. Achieve them.


What will my project be based on?

It’s been a few days,

I haven’t really thought about this happiness project much , to be honest, I was too busy trying to sort out various aspects of my life.

I guess I should start by identifying the areas of my life which I want to change in order to be happier, maybe the way I fight? It always bums me out that I start being unreasonable and overly hostile when I have arguments, maybe that will be March’s objective, to change that.

I want to exercise more and eat better, I feel shit all the time and honestly, I need to lose weight, even if only a small bit. I want to be TONED, I have the fitness level of a potato. I’d love to be sorta muscly and eat great food and drink loads of water, so I guess I should get cracking on that one.

Eh what else? I’ve already decluttered and maintained a level of cleanliness in my room, so that’s fine.

I think that making more friends/ creating a better life for myself is top of my list actually, I am so dissatisfied with the way things are right now.

I’ll think about it, I guess!

Happiness project

When I read ‘the happiness project’ by Gretchen Rubin, my life was changed. I was inspired, suddenly, to start my own! The monthly goals interested me the most, though.

Before, I had a vague-ish idea of happiness, something unobtainable I though, but I had never really registered that you could apply pratical steps with a measurable time frame and actually plan your growth path! 

I’m extremely glad I read it, and I thought to myself, 

‘why don’t I do that?’

Now, that was in Summer 2015, and I staryed with good intentions, but I saw something shiny and got distracted of course! But now I’m ready to try again, to record and mantain my efforts! 

I know that I want to work on specific areas in my life, and so I will draw out a plan and post again asap!

It’s late enough where I live, I had better get some sleep!