Happy with my progress!

I am doing pretty great, I’m eating well and exercising and all!

I’ve lost some excess fat weight, gained some muscle weight, (a very small amount, I regret to say, but there’s time!). I’m trying to build up my upper arm strength especially, as it used to be amazing, I was so strong at one point in my life.

Another thing I have noticed recently is that I have so much energy! I’m bouncing around the house, washing loads of clothes and dishes by 7:30 am each morning, fuelled by all these seeds and beans etc I am eating!

I love cooking, so this healthy thing is just another challenge!

I’ve honestly made so much good food over the past week or so, sweet and savory. I’m pretty much vegan now, there’s been no sugar in my diet for at least a week, and the wheat I consume has been cut down to the minimum, maybe once every couple of days. I have never felt better, honestly.


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