Slowly but surely!

So, I am trying to get my goal of being fit and healthy up off the ground, mainly by changing my mindset initially.

I’m realising that every outing revolves around food for me. I meet friends, I go out with family, I EAT. Even if I don’t really need to! I am trying to come up with good outings/ things to do that don’t simply revolve around food.

And I have started meal planning, because what happens a lot is I get hungry, so I go into the kitchen to find myself something to eat, and wander around aimlessly, eventually eating loads of white bread or something. So there’s that.

I must confess, I have not taken up running or anything. I walk, a lot, and I do push ups and squats and stuff like that, I might start swimming? I don’t LIKE exercise, so instead of forcing myself to run, as I did in previous times I wanted to get fit, I’m going to try find exercise I like. If that fails, then yeah, I guess I’ll try running again.

I’m making sustainable changes to my diet as well, because yo-yo-ing from vegan to paleo to fuck- it- whatever diets isn’t working out for me, so I have made meal plans where I slowly phase out meat from my diet, to reduce dairy to a minimum, while introducing more nut milks/ soy products, reducing wheat and sugar consumption etc.

I suppose that being all- round healthy is going to take some time, and before, I would just give up, but hopefully, 2017 will bring patience and discipline.


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