What will my project be based on?

It’s been a few days,

I haven’t really thought about this happiness project much , to be honest, I was too busy trying to sort out various aspects of my life.

I guess I should start by identifying the areas of my life which I want to change in order to be happier, maybe the way I fight? It always bums me out that I start being unreasonable and overly hostile when I have arguments, maybe that will be March’s objective, to change that.

I want to exercise more and eat better, I feel shit all the time and honestly, I need to lose weight, even if only a small bit. I want to be TONED, I have the fitness level of a potato. I’d love to be sorta muscly and eat great food and drink loads of water, so I guess I should get cracking on that one.

Eh what else? I’ve already decluttered and maintained a level of cleanliness in my room, so that’s fine.

I think that making more friends/ creating a better life for myself is top of my list actually, I am so dissatisfied with the way things are right now.

I’ll think about it, I guess!


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