Happiness project

When I read ‘the happiness project’ by Gretchen Rubin, my life was changed. I was inspired, suddenly, to start my own! The monthly goals interested me the most, though.

Before, I had a vague-ish idea of happiness, something unobtainable I though, but I had never really registered that you could apply pratical steps with a measurable time frame and actually plan your growth path! 

I’m extremely glad I read it, and I thought to myself, 

‘why don’t I do that?’

Now, that was in Summer 2015, and I staryed with good intentions, but I saw something shiny and got distracted of course! But now I’m ready to try again, to record and mantain my efforts! 

I know that I want to work on specific areas in my life, and so I will draw out a plan and post again asap!

It’s late enough where I live, I had better get some sleep! 


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